International Journal of

Critical Care and Emergency MedicineISSN: 2474-3674

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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3674/1510077

A Case Control Study of Risk Factors for Depression in Intensive Care Unit Patients

Sherif Abdelmonem, PhD, Ghada Abdel Hadi, PhD, Akram Fayed, PhD, Iman El Sayed, PhD and Khaled Mogazy, MD

Article Type: Observational Study | First Published: May 04, 2019

A case-control study was conducted on 159 adult patients admitted to the ICU of a governmental hospital, Alexandria, Egypt. We classified the patients using the Arabic version of Hamilton scale as either depressed or not. Bivariate and multivariate analyses were done to detect the relation between depression and different predictors after controlling the confounding effect of all other factors. The prevalence of depression in the ICU patients was 46.5%. The strongest risk factor for depression w...

Volume 5
Issue 3