ClinMed's Privacy Policy

Keeping the type and nature of open-access publishing services offered at our online Open Access Repository in mind, ClinMed International binds the entire domain of its services in the following mandatory terms pertaining to the privacy and confidentiality of data and information pertaining to the author and the published, approved, under-evaluation, and declined research manuscripts.

ClinMed International Library allows the authors and research scholars to hold complete ownership and authority over their publications and grants them with legitimate copyrights of their work published on our open-access repository.

The work published at ClinMed's Open Access Portal is the intellectual property of the ClinMed International Library and hence, cannot be published elsewhere without prior consent from ClinMed authorities.

We value the sanctity of the authors' personal information and hence, all personal information requested from the author during the process is strictly bound by our stringent parameters of confidentiality.

The author has a right to withdraw manuscript submission at any given time during the process.

Keeping privacy and confidentiality of information shared as its prime value, ClinMed does not sell, share, re-distribute, or crowd source information to a third party.

Any reproduction, redistribution, or sharing of an author's work, research data, or any other information available for global access on ClinMed's Open Access portal is bound by the terms of use as prescribed in the Creative Commons Attribute License.

All information retrieved or conceived from ClinMed's Open Access Portal must be duly cited, crediting the author and the ClinMed International Library where necessary.

The mutual sharing of information between the author and ClinMed International is executed through an SSL-secured inline gateway that prevents any third party intrusion and data breach. The mutually-shared information is screened and shielded by digital signatures.

ClinMed reserves the right to change, alter, or terminate any or all of the terms pertaining to its privacy policy. Any such change will be promptly notified to the authors, researchers, and associates whose works have been published or are under consideration.