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Aptamer-Conjugated Magnetic Bead Pull Down and Detection of Human Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides from Serum and Urine by Mass Spectrometry

John G Bruno and Taylor Phillips
Int J Med Nano Res Volume 5, Issue 1

Abstract: DNA aptamers were developed against human growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP)-6 and the major metabolite of GHRP-2 (pralmorelin) known as AA-3 (D-Ala-D(β-naphthyl)-Ala-Ala-OH) in 10% human serum or 50% human urine. The lead 5'-biotinylated candidate aptamers from ELISA-like microplate screening were conjugated to commercially available Dynal™ streptavidin-polystyrene-coated 2.8 µm diameter magnetic (magnetite) microbeads (MBs) and used to "pull down" and purify or enrich for their cognate targets from buffer as well as undiluted human serum and urine.

PDF   Full Text   DOI: 10.23937/2378-3664/1410021

Volume 5
Issue 1