De Rose A, Verna R (2018) A Test (Test_a)º for the Assessment of Headache. Int Arch Public Health Community Med 2:010.


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RESEARCH ARTICLE | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/iaphcm-2017/1710010

A Test (Test_a)º for the Assessment of Headache

Alessandra De Rose1 and Roberto Verna2,3*

1Professor of Demography, Department of Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

2Professor of Clinical Pathology, Department of Experimental Medicine, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

3President, World Association of Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Roma, Italy


This report contains the main results of a quantitative research aimed at testing, through the administration of multiple-level questionnaires- patients (n = 2500) and physicians (n = 100)- a simple tool for detecting the individual perception of recurrence and the severity of the symptom of headaches and how it is dealt with in terms of drug use and the use of appropriate reference health structures (general practitionera and headache centers). The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a tool that is an aid for the enhancement at all levels-from the pharmacist to the doctor-of the ability to intercept, sensitize and orient to a correct management of migraine and headache. The survey has been carried out in Italy, April-June 2017.

aGeneral practitioner.