Haghighi SS (2019) Psychogenic Hemiplegia after Cervical Spine Discectomies and Fusion. Neurosurg Cases Rev 2:016.


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CASE REPORT | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2643-4474/1710016

Psychogenic Hemiplegia after Cervical Spine Discectomies and Fusion

Siavash S Haghighi*

Clinical Neuro-diagnostic Department, Sharp Memorial Hospital, California


Study design

A case report of psychogenic hemiplegia following a two level anterior cervical discectomies and fusion was contradicted by a thorough electrophysiological findings.


To report an unusual case of post-operative hemiplegia in spite of normal electrophysiological and non-compromising radiographic findings.

Summary of background data

Conversion disorder with sensory or motor system symptoms is a subtype which includes symptoms such as impaired motor balance, paraplegia, muscle weakness, and urinary retention.

Methods and results

The SSEPs and TcMEPs were recorded intraoperatively in this patient. The SSEPs revealed well-developed peaks for all extremities. TcMEPs was only obtainable from the right intrinsic foot muscles.


In spite of contradictory clinical findings and normal neurophysiologic tests, and normal neuroradiology findings are positive criteria for paraplegia/hemiplegia with psychogenic etiology.