Islas FAE, González JLT, Camarillo JMM (2018) Antrochoanal Polyp: A Literature Update. J Otolaryngol Rhinol 4:049.


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Antrochoanal Polyp: A Literature Update

Francisco André Escamilla Islas*, José Luis Treviño González and José Martín Martínez Camarillo

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Medicine School and University Hospital, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico


The antrochoanal polyp (ACP) is a unilateral, solitary, pear shaped mass with a cystic stalk, differing from the inflammatory polyps in the formation of a constricted sac, half in the maxillary antrum and the other half in the nose, extruding in a variable extent to the nasopharynx. The ACP has a clinic diagnosis, with image studies as the CT scan and the MRI for the differential diagnosis. By microscopy ACP lacks minor mucoserous glands and a well-developed eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrate, the surface epithelium goblet cells are less frequent than in sinunasal polyps. Surgery is the only known treatment, complete removal by functional endoscopic sinus surgery with treatment of the obstructed ostium complex as the current standard.