De Carvalho S, Martins Filho J (2018) Mothers and Pediatricians: Self-Power Versus Knowledge. Int J Womens Health Wellness 4:082.


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RESEARCH ARTICLE | OPEN ACCESSDOI: 10.23937/2474-1353/1510082

Mothers and Pediatricians: Self-Power Versus Knowledge

Simone De Carvalho* and Jose Martins Filho

Universidade de Campinas - Saúde da Criança e do Adolescente, Brazil



To analyze the perception of the pediatric guidance by the mothers attended in private offices, aiming to know how they assimilate, process and use the information received by their pediatrician.


Data collection was realized through a questionnaire sent to participants via e-mail and recorded the interview. A total of 200 mothers from a virtual community in the social network participated in the research. The answers were transcribed using the Discourse of the Collective Subject method. The analysis was supported by the qualitative research perspective, from the Social Representation Theory.


The following categories were obtained through data analysis: (1) Being prepared to discuss pediatrician conducts; (2) Conquering mastery of their maternal specificities; (3) Empowerment and its contribution to mother-pediatrician dynamics. These categories demonstrate that the mothers' level of knowledge of pediatric subjects and their ability to use them in decision-making about the care of their babies showed a direct relation between whether or not to follow the pediatrician's guidance.


The mothers' opinions shows that the action on the decision to keep up with the health of their baby is directly proportional to the quality of the pediatric care, such as: (1) The certification of the recommendations updated and proven in agreement with the official health care guidelines and; (2) Support and recognition by the pediatrician of self-power acquired by the mother. The practice of access to knowledge of these mothers regarding the care of their baby difficulties the pediatric follow-up. This is due to the distrust in the confront between the information previously acquired by the mother and the pediatric guidance.