Lahut D, Bodur B, Tosun O (2019) Accelerated Junctional Rhythm in Athlete's Heart: An Unusual Presentation. Int J Sports Exerc Med 5:117.


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CASE REPORT | OPEN ACCESS DOI: 10.23937/2469-5718/1510117

Accelerated Junctional Rhythm in Athlete's Heart: An Unusual Presentation

Lahut D1*, Bodur B2 and Tosun O3

1Department of Pediatrics, Medeniyet University, Turkey

2Faculty of Medicine, Medeniyet University, Turkey

3Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Medeniyet University, Turkey


The athlete's heart refers to a heart which has gained physiological adaptation mechanisms due to long term training in various sport activities. Sinus bradycardia, sinus arrhythmia, first degree atrioventricular block and second degree mobitz type I AV blocks are most common electrocardiographic findings in athlete's heart. In our case we observed first degree atrioventricular block with pathological PR interval values second degree mobitz type I (Wenckebach) atrioventricular block and accelerated junctional rhythm at the day time in a 13-year-old athlete playing football, exercising 21 hours a week. The clinical course of our patient indicates that such intense exercise may not always be beneficial to cardiovascular system in children.