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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2643-461X/1710042

Field Comparison between Blood Immunochromatographic Card Test and Microscopy in Diagnosis of Bancroftian Filariasis in Northern Taraba State, Nigeria

Elkanah OS, Elkanah DS, Wahedi JA, Kela SL, Samaila AB and Madara AA

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: December 24, 2020

Diagnosis of filariasis is important for Programme Managers and Physicians. This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of lymphatic filariasis in eleven communities of Northern Taraba State. The study employed standard parasitological techniques for diagnosis, and the use of Immunochromatographic Card Test (ICT) to detect Circulating Filarial Antigen (CFA). Chi Square was used to compare and test for differences in infections among communities. 294 persons were examined, and 31.29% we...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2643-461X/1710041

Animal Trypanosomiasis in Cattle of Good Body Condition Score in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon: Hematological and Immunological Implications

Ebanga Echi Joan, Amadoh Jude Akumbu, Farikou Oumarou, Abba Samuel and Oumar Mahamat

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: December 23, 2020

The control of animal trypanosomiasis consists, amongst other things, the punctual treatment of new cases, primarily diagnosed by pastoralists on the basis of clinical signs. This practice suggests that many healthy infected animals are left untreated. In this study, animal trypanosomiasis in cattle of good body condition score was evaluated, the existence of polyclonal anti-trypanosome (Anti-tryps) and its serotherapy implications were discussed. From January to March 2020, the study was carrie...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2469-5718/1510179

Match Running Performance and Positional Demands of a U9 Female Soccer Team Competing in a Parks and Recreation- Sponsored League

Brad H. DeWeese, Robert W. Sausaman, Matt L. Sams and Joanne Spalding

Article Type: Research Article | First Published: December 19, 2020

The purpose of this study was to describe the match play characteristics of female youth-athletes participating in recreation league U9 soccer via wearable Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Nine female youth soccer athletes (8.6 ± 0.9 years; all with 3-4 years of playing experience) were monitored during the study period. The athletes participated in approximately 2.5 hours of soccer-related training per week and two 48-minute 9v9 matches per week. The athletes were classified as Forw...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2469-5718/1510178

Intense Endurance Exercise: A Potential Risk Factor in the Development of Heart Disease

Jocelynn Rajanayagam, MD and Mohammed Alsabri, MD, M.B, B.S

Article Type: Review Article | First Published: December 17, 2020

Exercise is known to improve cardiac health; however, the upper limit of exercise is not as clear. High intensity endurance exercise and its association with cardiac dysfunction is becoming more important as more people in the USA participate in endurance activity. Increased cardiac remodelling, myocardial fibrosis, and arrhythmias were associated with increased endurance exercise in most instances. Clinically significant dysfunction from endurance exercise induced cardiac remodelling and myocar...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2469-570X/1410070

Therapeutic Effect of Intravenously Administered Autologous Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Chronic Stage Stroke Patients

Masamitsu Ichihashi, MD, PhD, Masaki Tanaka, MD, PhD, Takashi Iizuka, Narumi Nagoe, Youko Sato, Hitomi Takahashi, Asami Ueda, Hiroko Totsuka, Narumi Takanashi, Takahito Nishikata, PhD, Osamu Matsuo, MD, PhD, Hideya Ando, PhD and Ken-ichiMizutani, PhD

Article Type: Original Article | First Published: December 10, 2020

Intravenous transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue has been reported to be effective, safe and promising in the recovery of clinical outcomes of the stroke patients at acute and subacute stages, but clinical studies at chronic stages are still limited. It is reported that for better recovery of neurological dysfunction, cell therapy is recommended as early as possible after stroke onset. To our knowledge, clinical studies on stem cell therapy of str...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2378-3516/1410148

Platypnea-Orthodeoxia Syndrome Following Resection of an Intrathoracic Extrapulmonary Thymoma

Joseph Kojo Kittah and Anne Marie Matelski

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: December 14, 2020

We report the case of a 76-year-old female with no significant past medical history who developed Platypnea-orthodeoxia syndrome (POS) following thoracotomy with thymoma resection. Patient underwent right thoracotomy with resection of a 12 cm right lower lobe mass. The mass was “peeled gently from the pericardium and the aorta”, and compressed the right upper, middle, and lower lobes. No lung tissue was resected. Pathology indicated a type B1 thymoma. She was discharged on post-op day #4 wit...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2572-4037.1510047

Some Considerations on the Continent/Content Theory in Psychoanalytic Technique

Julián Andrés Naranjo Orozco

Article Type: Psychoanalytic Technique | First Published: December 21, 2020

The methodological strategy to achieve these objectives is the comparison/contrast between the instruments of this work: 1) Extracts of practical or concrete cases of subjects and patients; 2) Topics, subtopics, and/or problems proposed by Bion and other authors of psychoanalysis. This comparison/contrast will give us results on the applicability or not of the continent/content theory to the themes and problems of the cited authors and to the populations that are represented by each contemplatio...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2469-5734/1510121

Rapid Palatal Expanders: A Review of Their Impact on Speech Sound Production

Ali S Alrumikan, Aref M Althobity, Yazeed K Alfraih and Mohammed S Aldossary

Article Type: Review Article | First Published: December 10, 2020

Rapid palatal expanders are a widely used orthodontic supplement treatment of posterior cross-bites. Rapid palatal expanders may interfere with sufficient tongue movement and linguo-palatal contact. The aim of this review article was to determine what specific impact rapid palatal expanders have on speech sound production and development in children and early adolescents who had such an orthodontic intervention. Only a few studies have investigated this issue in the literature, generally showing...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2474-3674/1510113

Management of Multiple Rib Fractures-Results from a Major Trauma Centre with Review of the Existing Literature

D Chowdhury, P Okoh and H Dambappa

Article Type: Review Article | First Published: December 21, 2020

The main respiratory complications that arise from fractured ribs are multifactorial. It is well known that inadequate pain management in these patients lead to complications arising from poor ventilatory function. With an already compromised underlying pulmonary system this compounds on the effect on an already failing system leading to significant pulmonary complications. Rib fractures in the form of flail segments pose a particular problem in this regard. When one considers an elderly patient...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2378-2951/1410209

Balloon Induced Dissection of Left Anterior Descending Artery and its Bidirectional Progression Involving Left Circumflex Artery

Santosh Kumar Sinha, FACC, FAESC, FSCAI, Puneet Aggarwal and Umeshwar Pandey

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: December 12, 2020

Coronary artery dissection is common after balloon angioplasty, few of which may be catastrophic. Here, we report a case of a76-year-old male who had diffuse disease of proximal left anterior descending artery (LAD). LAD was wired with runthrough (Terumo, Japan) and sequentially dilated with 1.5 × 10 and 2 × 10 mm Sapphire semicompliant balloon. After balloon dilatation, dissection at the distal edge of lesion was noticed. As stent could not be tracked and pushed along the lesion as guide cath...


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Benjamin Green, Anne-Laure Ménard, Stéphane Leduc and Marie-Lyne Nault

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Neurophysiological Signature of Memory Performance during the DRM Task

Grégoire Favre, Sibylle K Horat, François R Herrmann, Isabelle Gothuey, Marco CG Merlo and Pascal Missonnier

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A Comparison of qSOFA and SIRS in the Early Diagnosis of Severe Pneumococcal Sepsis: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Pernille Ursin Rein, Dag Jacobsen, Vidar Ormaasen, Vera Djordjilovic and Oona Dunlop

DOI: 10.23937/2377-4630/1410111

Thymalin as a Potential Alternative in the Treatment of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection Associated with SARSCoV-2

Lukyanov Sergey A, Kuznik Boris I, Shapovalov Konstantin G, Khavinson Vladimir K, Smolyakov Yuri N, Tereshkov Pavel K, Shapovalov Yuri K, Konnov Valery A and Magen Eli

DOI: 10.23937/2378-3672/1410055

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