Table 1: Clinicopathological features of reported cases of cranial intraosseous angiolipoma.


Age (years)/Gender


Period of Expansion

History of Head Trauma

Clinical Features/Neurological Examination

Radiographic Findings



Amir jamshidi, et al. [10]




Right frontotemporo-parietooccipital


2 years




Tender to palpation, Headache


X-ray, CT, & MRI: 20 cm expansile, Non-enhancing lesion extending along the diploe and destroying the internal and external tables with cerebral compression


-Gross: Yellow lipomatous bone with cancellous and vascular components;
-Histo: Some lesional vessels with fibrin thrombi, no cellular a typia or mitotic figures;
-IHC: S100 neg, CD34 pos, Sudan black pos


Atilgan, et al. [7]




Right frontal


"long time"




Swelling, Headache


CT: 2 cm well defined lesion with no bone destruction or soft tissue component


-Gross: Yellow-brown solid lesion;
-Histo: Some lesional vessels with neutrophils and fibrin thrombi, no mitosis or necrosis, Average of 10 mast cells per 1 HPF;
-IHC: CD34 pos, CD31 pos, VEGF pos, TGFbetapos, TNFalphapos


Nguyen, et al. [8]




Right frontal






Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Diplopia, Facial asymmetry [concurrently diagnosed with metastatic invasive ductal breast carcinoma]


CT & MRI: 4.3 cm heterogeneously enhancing lesion with cerebral compression, But without involvement of overlying soft tissue


-Gross: Well circumscribed, mixed areas of firm-to-soft tan and red lobulated tissue;
-Histo: No cytologic atypia or mitoses;
-IHC: Pankeratinneg


Singh, et al. [6]




Right parietal


5 years, following pregnancy




Altered sensation over area without pain on palpation


CT & MRI: 6.4 cm mass with expansion of diploid space and cerebral compression


-Histo: No cytologic atypia;
-IHC: epithelial membrane antigen neg


Yu, et al. [9]




Right parietal


11 years


Minor trauma




CT: 7 cm spiculated, Non-enhancing lesion with cerebral compression


-Gross: Yellow-brown lesion of variable consistency;
-Histo: Well circumscribed non encapsulated lesion, scattered mast cells, no thrombi


Our case




Left frontoparietal


6 months


Minor trauma




Bone scan, CT & MRI: 4.4 cm expansile, Spiculated, Enhancing lesion with superficial soft tissue component and cerebral compression


-Gross: Dark red-grey cut surface;
-Histo: No cytologic atypia or mitosis or necrosis;
-IHC: CD34 pos, S100 pos


*All specimens histologically demonstrated an admixture of mature adipose tissue and thin-walled blood vessels. (Histo: Histology; IHC: Immunohistochemistry; Neg: Negative; Pos: Positive; HPF: High power field).