Table 2: Characteristics of patients who suffered severe respiratory adverse event.

Patient Age (yrs/Sex Location of Adverse Event Timing of Adverse Event (mins) Severe AE desaturation SpO2 level (%) Intervention Relevant Past Medical History Weight category* Anaesthetic complication OSA severity#
1 10/M PACU 60 89 Jaw lift, oxygen, bag mask ventilation Allergic Rhinitis (AR) Overweight No NA
2 8/M PACU 21 70 Bag mask ventilation Cleft palate, recurrent OME, Thalassemia minor Healthy weight No NA
3 5/M PACU Immediate 57 Oxygen, oral airway, PEEP^ Asthma, AR Overweight Yes NA
4 4/M PACU 35 NA Oxygen, nebuliser AR Overweight No Severe
5 2/M PACU 66 NA Oxygen, oral airway, nebuliser AR Healthy weight No NA
6 15/M HD 780 92 Oxygen, ICU admission Nephrotic syndrome Overweight Yes Severe
7 5/F HD 127 92 Oxygen, nebuliser - Overweight Yes Severe
8 15/M HD 236 89 BiPAP AR Overweight No NA

*: Weight category is categorised according to recommendations by Singapore's Health Promotion Board where Overweight is defined as BMI > 90th centile for age. Where BMI is not available, weight > 90th centile for age is used instead; #: OSA severity - NA implies that polysomnography was not done for the patient; ^: PEEP - Positive End Expiratory Pressure.