Table 1: Summary of reported patients suffering endovascular coil erosions following treatment of pseudoaneurysms of the carotid artery.

Group Year Published Time to Extrusion Site of Extrusion Material of Coil Treatment Follow Up Additional notes
[6] 2003 2 years Lateral aspect of cutaneous Neck Platinum (Guglielmi) Surgical removal 4 months after, stent also eroded Radiation to neck, PA
[3] 2014 2 months Sphenoid sinus Platinum Trimmed at level of defect 1 year, at 4 months, extrusion recurred following nose blowing Sinus surgery, TPA
[7] 2019 - - - - - -
[8] 2007 2 years Hypopharynx Platinum (Guglielmi) Trimmed at level of defect - Aneurysm occurred post laryngectomy
[4] 2017 2 years Oropharynx Platinum (Penumbra 400) Trimmed at level of defect Recurrent extrusion at 1, 2, and 11 months Child post tonsillectomy with TPA and endovascular coiling
[5] 2019 10 years Naso-and oropharynx - Local anesthesia, Trimmed at level of defect Recurrence at 1, 3, and 6 months TPA following clival giant cell tumor resection
[9] 2018 18 months Sphenoid sinus Platinum Local Anesthesia, Trimmed at level of sphenoid ostium - TPA
[10] 2019 6 months Nasal cavity Platinum-Tungsten alloy Local Anesthesia, Trimmed at defect Multiple recurrence in months after TPA following pituitary adenoma resection
[11] 2018 3 months Hypopharynx - None needed following expectorated coil No recurrence at 6 months Expectorated coil, Neck radiation and dissection for SCCa of tongue. TPA following surgery
[12] 2004 12 months Pharynx and external auditory canal Platinum (Target) - Recurrence at 10 months Irradiated neck for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Abbreviations: TPA: Traumatic pseudoaneurysm; PA: Pseudoaneurysm; SCCa: Squamous cell carcinoma.