Table 1: Different cases of laryngeal tuberculosis from the literature.

Authors and year of publication clinical presentation Laryngoscopy Biopsy and histology Bronchoscopy or others Treatment and evolution
Kumar 2014 [6] -55-year-old male -Chronic tobacco chewer -Progressive foreign body sensation in throat and change in voice for last three months -Diffuse edema of epiglottis, bilateral aryepiglotttic folds and false cords -Stratified squamous epithelium with epitheloid granuloma and Langhans giant cell surrounded by lymphocytes suggestive of tuberculosis -Purulent discharge coming from the left upper lobe bronchus and bronchoalveolar lavage were taken which showed mycobacterium tuberculosis on culture by bactec method 2RHZE/4RH -Complete resolution of symptoms and swelling after 2 month
Bhuyan 2014 [3] -49-year-old -Non-smoker -Insidious onset hoarseness, dry cough and anorexia of 2 months duration -Congested laryngeal and pharyngeal mucosa -Stratified squamous epithelium with subepithelial infiltration with inflammatory cells comprising mainly with lymphocytes and Langerhan's type giant cells suggestive of a granulomatous inflammation due to TB without any evidence of malignancy 2RHZE/4RH -Complete resolution of symptoms after 1 month
Chen 2012 [7] -47-year-old -Throat discomfort especially when swallowing and an unproductive cough -Thickened, irregular and friable lesion on the epiglottis -Necrotic granulomatous inflammation, a single acid fast bacillus on Ziehl-Neelsen stain and no evidence of malignancy -Pulmonary shadowing in the right upper zone in chest radiograph 2RHZE/4RH -Complete resolution of symptoms after 1 month