Table 2: Anti-cancer effects of individual food components and natural compounds combined in Nutrient Synergy.

Process in Cancer Beneficial effects/mechanisms
Oxidative stress Scavenging free radicals
Reduced oxidative stress*
Prevent DNA damage
Inhibition of nitration and nitrosation
Inhibition of Xanthine oxidase
Cancer cell growth and survival Inhibition of cell proliferation*
Inhibition of cell differentiation
Cell-cycle arrest*
Induction of apoptosis*
Tumor growth and metastasis Inhibition of angiogenesis*
Inhibition of cancer cells adhesion and invasion*
Inhibition of proteolytic destruction of connective tissue (MMPs, uPA)*
Increased synthesis of proteolysis inhibitors TIMP 1 and 2, PAI1*
Tumor encapsulation*
Genetic Inhibition of oncogene expression*
Induction of tumor suppressor genes*
DNA repair
Initiation/prevention Support of detoxification process:
Induction of Phase II enzymes, Glutathione peroxidase, Catalase, SOD
Inhibition Phase I enzymes (blocking activation of carcinogens)
Support systems Immune system enhancement
Anti-inflammatory effects (inhibition of COX2, inducible iNOS)*
Metabolic effects Steroid hormone metabolism regulation
Modulation of glutamate metabolism
Modulation of glycolytic and epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) genes expression*

*Experimentally confirmed anti-cancer effects of Nutrient Synergy.