Table 1: Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for evaluating Potential Family Medicine Patients Hospitalized at Stony Brook Medicine.

Inclusion Exclusion
• Family Medicine Patients who are: • Uninsured patients
• Age 30 years or older • Patients whose physical limitations prohibit the use of the telehealth equipment
• Able to provide consent for their own care • Patients involved in another research study
• English speakers (able to comprehend and speak English) • Pregnant patients (patients actively trying to conceive)
• Patients with good cognitive function (as evidence by ability to answer a mild cognitive screen (age, telephone, current date, name of facility) • Admission for a psychiatric primary diagnosis
• Living within reasonable commute to the Family Medical Group clinics
• Patients with a life expectancy greater than 6 months
• Patients with a clinical disposition to home after hospital discharge
• Patients that are able to turn on the telehealth technology and follow prompts