Table 2: Principles of Motivational Interviewing Applied on a Patient-Doctor Scenario [1,19].

Principles Patient Talk Counsellor Reply
Ask Open - Ended Questions I have been smoking for a long time.

I have been diagnosed with hypertension recently
(e.g. within the last year).

I understand you have some concerns about your smoking.
Can you tell me more about your smoking?
Express Empathy My work needs much of concentration but I am always distracted.

Smoking helps me to focus on my work.

I understand that work causes you stress. I am sorry to hear that.

I understand how important it is for you to excel at work.

Make Affirmative Statements I am now worried about the other consequences of smoking,
can it affect my health?
Thanks for coming today.

I am sure it took much of courage for you to come and
talk about your smoking habit; I am here to hear you out.

Use Reflection I only enjoy smoking after I wake up or after a cup of
coffee…that is all. Smoking helps me to relax
and have fun…I do not believe I have a problem,
but my wife sure does.

It is hard for people to understand how helpful
smoking can be to me.

You enjoy the effects of smoking regarding how it helps
you to increase your concentration during stressful days at work.

Why do you think your wife has that impression?

So smoking provides good things for you…Now tell me
about the not-so-good things you have experienced because of smoking.

What benefit do you think quitting might have on your health?

Highlight Discrepancies
Highlight Disadvantages of the Status Quo
Highlight Advantages of Change