Table 3: Definitions and criteria

A. Acute Kidney Injury Definitions [17,19]:

RIFLE (Risk/Injury/Failure/Loss/End stage) AKIN (Acute Kidney Injury Network)
An increase in serum creatinine of ≥ 50% developing over < 7 days OR A urine output of < 0.5ml/kg/hr for >6 hours An increase in serum creatinine of ≥ 0.3mg/dL or ≥ 50% developing over < 48 hours OR A urine outpuat of < 0.5ml/kg/hr for >6 hours

B. RIFLE and AKIN staging Definitions [17,19]:

Staging Increase in serum creatinine
RIFLE Risk: >1.5-fold from baseline or GFR decrease >25% Injury: > 2-fold increase or GFR decrease >50% Failure: >3-fold increase or GFR decrease 75% or creatinine ≥ 4.0mg/dL
AKIN Stage 1: ≥ 0.3mg/dL or ≥ 1.5-2-fold from baseline Stage 2: >2 to 3-fold Stage 3: > 3-fold OR creatinine ≥ 4.0mg/dL or on renal replacement therapy

C. APACHE II Scoring System criteria [37]:

Rectal temperature Creatinine
Mean arterial pressure Hematocrit
Heart rate White blood cell count
Respiratory rate Glasgow coma score
A-a gradient Age
pH or bicarbonate level Chronic disease
Sodium Potassium

D. SOFA Scoring criteria [38]:

Ratio of arterial oxygen tension to fraction of inspired oxygen
Amount of vasopressor support
Bilirubin level
Platelet level
Glasgow coma score
Serum creatinine or urine output