Table 1: Rehabilitation Protocol Used.

Week Rehabilitation Guide

Week 1 and 2

Knee in brace, fixed at 90°

Avoid hip flexion beyond 60°

Wound care

Avoid sitting on affected ischial tuberosity

Calf pumps

Non-weight bearing

Week 3 and 4

Knee at 60°- brace allows flexion to swing leg

Start passive knee flexion and hip extension

Week 5 and 6

Knee now at 20°

Toe weight bear if possible

Week 7-10

No brace

Encourage to full weight bear


Passive and active ROM avoid extremes

Begin core work

Begin Closed chain exercises

Week 11-14

Expect normal gait

Encourage strength work

Progress to fast walk/jog

Week 15-16

Consider isokinetic testing

Heavy weight training

Potentially running