Table 3: BD ISG criteria [8]. Main criteria and at least two secondary ones are required. Other diseases need to be excluded.

Mandatory Criteria Recurrent oral ulcerations Minor aphthous, major aphthous or herpetiform ulceration observed by physician or patient, which recurred at least 3 times in one 12 month period
Secondary Criteria Recurrent genital ulceration Aphthous ulceration or scarring observed by physician or patient.
Eye lesion Anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis, or cells in vitreous on slit lamp examination or retinal vasculitis observed by ophthalmologist
Skin lesion Erythema nodosum observed by physician or patient, pseudo folliculiti s or papulopustular lesions, or acneiform nodules observed by physician in post-adolescent patients not on corticosteroid treatment
Positive Pathergy test Behcetine test read by physician 24-48 hours.