Table 2: An overview of the results and the statistical significance in the endothelial cells. Wilms Tumor suppressor protein: Wt1, Retinaldehyde Dehydrogenase-II: RALDH2, endothelial Nitric Oxide: eNOS. TA: Tricuspid Valve, without Dilation; TAD: Tricuspid Valve, with Dilation; BA: Bicuspid Valve, without dilation; BAD: Bicuspid Valve, with Dilation; MFS: Marfan Syndrome, without dilation. *mean ratio positive/negative cells.

Antigen Location TA TAD BA BAD MFS P-value
Wt1, RALDH2 and eNOS Endothelial cells 0.54* 0.54* 0.54* 0.54* 0.54* Ns