Table 1: Overview table with reported cases of interstitial keratitis secondary to Epstein-Barr virus.

Case Series (reference) Number of Cases Laterality Anterior Examination Virology Sex Median Age Treatment Resolution
Palay, et al. [4] 1 Bilateral Confluent full- thickness stromal opacities with 360° intrastromal vascularization Anti-VCA IgG (+); EBNA (+); EBEA (+) M 21 MO Topical corticosteroids Yes
Matoba, et al. [5] 7 2 Bilateral; 5 Unilateral Multifocal, pleomorphic anterior stromal obscurities with clear intervening with minimal neovascularization (+) monospot (1 case); (+) anti- viral capsid (1 case); (+) anti-VCA (6 cases); (+) EBNA (3 cases) 4F; 3M 14.71 YO Prednisolone, dexamethasone, artificial tears, fluoromethalone 3/7
Pinnolis, et Al. [6] 1 Bilateral Numerous nummular stromal opacities (+) monospot; (+) EBV indirect fluorescent antibody titer M 16 YO Oral prednisone, prednisolone 1% drops Yes
Wong, et al. [1] 1 Bilateral Peripheral keratitis with corneal stromal edema and confluent areas of white opacities (-) common viral nucleic acids RT- PCR M 30 YO Topical acyclovir ointment adjunct to systemic acyclovir; topical steroid Yes
Ding, et al, [7] 1 Bilateral Corneal edema and Descemet membrane folds (+) RT- PCR tear film for EBV F 84 YO Artificial tears, ganciclovir eye drops, flumetholon, tarivid Yes
Matoba and Jones, et al. [8] 2 1 Bilateral; 1 Unilateral Multifocal subepithelial infiltrates with intraepithelial granularity (+) anti- VCA IgG (both cases); (+) EBNA (1 case) 2F 29.5 YO Topical flurometholone 0.1%, prednisolone 1% drops Yes
Matoba, et al. [5] 1 Bilateral Recurring multifocal epithelial dendrites with pleomorphic, nummular opacities and corneal edema EBV viral DNA detected by PCR; confirmed by serologies F 66 YO Trifluorothymidine, 1% prednisolone drops, oral acyclovir No
Pellerin, et al. [2] 1 Bilateral Nummular stromal opacities +/- intralesional branching ghost vessels (+) EBV EBEA F 39 YO 1% prednisolone drops Unknown

M: Male; F: Female; YO: Years Old; MO: Months Old