Table 1: Examples of FDA-approved medicaments that use spray drying technology as preparation method.

HPMC: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose; HPMCAS: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Acetate Succinate; DSPC: Distear-ylphosphatidylcholine (data summarized from [2-8]).

Trade name Drug Application Polymer, Excipient Maximum drug dose Company FDA approval
Prograf Tacrolimus Immunosuppressant (prevents organ rejection) HPMC 5 mg per capsule Astellas Pharma 1994
Exhubera Insulin Diabetes Mannitol, glycine, sodium citrate 1 or 3 mg per capsule Pfizer/Nektar 2006
Intelence Etravirine HIV medicine HPMC 100 or 200 mg per tablet Janssen 2008
Zortress Everolimus Immunosuppressant (prevents organ rejection) HPMC 0.75 mg per tablet Novartis 2010
Aridol/Osmohale, Bronchitol - Asthma/Cystic fibrosis Mannitol 5 to 40 mg per capsule Pharmaxis 2010
Incivek Telaprevir Hepatitis C HPMCAS 375 mg per tablet Vertex 2011
Kalydeco Ivacaftor Cystic fibrosis HPMCAS 150 mg per tablet Vertex 2012
TOBI Podhaler Tobramycin Inhalation therapy DSPC, calcium chloride, sulfuric acid 28 mg per capsule Novartis 2013
Raplixa - Bleeding control during surgery Fibrinogen/Thrombin 79 mg/726 IU per gram powder Nova Laboratories 2016