Table 2: Eichenholtz classifications [13].

Stage Clinical findings Treatment
I (development) Swelling, redness, warmth, ligamentous laxity Prevented weight bearing with entire contact shedding or prefabricated pneumatic brace.
Shed or brace should be utilized until radiographic settlement of fragmentation
and re-emergence of ordinary skin temperature (normally required for 2-4 months).
II (coalescence) Decreased warmth, decreased swelling, decreased erythema Entire contact shedding, built pneumatic brace, Charcot grip orthotic walker,
or clamshell tarsus-foot orthosis
III (reconstruction) Absence of warmth, absence of swelling, absence of erythema,
stable joint ± fixed deformity
Plantigrade heel: Personalized inlay shoes with strong shank and rocker
under sole. Nonplantigrade heel or discharge: Débridement, exostectomy,
deformity alteration, or connection with interior fixation.