Table 1: Major islet ECM components and their corresponding receptors.

ECM protein Location and Function Receptors on islet cells
Type I collagen Peri- and intra-islet ECM, provides tensile strength, structural integrity, and survival signalling. αvβ3, α2β1, DDR2
Type IV collagen Basement membrane, provides microstructural integrity and cell stimulation, attaches to other basement membrane components. α1β1, DDR1
Fibronectin Basement membrane, arranged in a 3D fibrillar mesh similar to collagen, plays import roles in cell adhesion and development. αvβ1, αvβ3, α5β1
Laminin Basement membrane, glycoprotein with trimeric structure, important for cell binding, migration, and differentiation. α1β1, α3β1, α5β1, α6β1