Table 1: Conversational questions to guide the semi-structured interview process

Diagnosis: I am going to talk with you about the time when your child was first diagnosed
Can you tell me what it was like when you found out your child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM)
2. Can you describe to me the things that worried/concerned you the most
Family, Community and Cultural Response: Now Iím going to talk with you about how your family and community responded. Family, cultural and religious view points and family support
3. What support did you receive from your extended family
4. Can you tell me how your religion plays a part in the management of your childís diabetes
5. Can you describe the impact your culture has on managing your childís T1DM
Education and Support from your healthcare team
6. What support did you feel you received from SKMC
7. What do you feel helped you the most
How do you feel we could improve our service to mothers with children newly diagnosed with T1DM
Day to day management issues
9. Can you describe a typical day
10. What helps you to cope
11. If your child is at nursery or school, how do you manage this
Impact on parenting other children and home relationships
Can you explain to me the impact having a child with T1 Diabetes has on your family, other children and your parenting styles