Table 6: Diabetes (T2D) and lifestyle factors with significant impact on the diabetes risk. Backward stepwise regression analyses with all the lifestyle factors included.

Diabetes type II (T2D) risk
crude model I* model II**
Life style factor Analyzed variabels OR 95% CI OR 95% CI OR 95% CI
Physical activity physical work capacity 0.57 0.43-0.76 0.65 0.47-0.89
physical activity index (cat: high) 0.52 0.31-0.90 0.55 0.31-0.97
Food meal quality index (cat: high) 0.63 0.41-0.96 0.59 0.36-0.98 0.58 0.35-0.99

*including different estimates of physical activity and excluding the general physical activity index
**including the general physical activity index and excluding alla other estimates of physical activity