Table 2: MiRNAs reported up-regulated in glioblastoma samples.
Only miRNAs reported in at least 3 profiling reports were considered (for more information see Table 1). Studies performed on cell lines were not considered for miRNA profile. *Number of studies reporting the same regulation pattern for each miRNA (see Table 1). †In this study, authors obtained a down-regulation of selected miRNA. NA, Functional studies are not available in literature.

RNAs up-regulated in GBM Number of profiling studies* Functions Targets validated in GBM References
miR-21 15 Apoptosis Caspases, PDCD4, p63, JMY, TOPORS, TP53BP2, HNRPK, TGFBR2/3, DAXX [24,71,98,100]
Invasion RECK, TIMP3 [114]
Cell cycle/ Tumor growth hTERT, PTEN [20,113]
miR-10b 7 Apoptosis Bim, caspases, TP53, CYLD, FOXO3 [99,114]
Invasion HOXD10, NOTCH1, PAX6 [44,99]
Cell cycle/Tumor growth TFAP2C, p16, p21, PTCH1 [99,114]
Angiogenesis NOTCH1, CYLD, PAX6 [99]
miR-15b 5 Cell Cycle CCNE1 [111]
miR-16 5 NA NA -
miR-25 6 Cell cycle/apoptosis Mdm2, TSC1 [108]
miR-92b 5 Proliferation /invasion NLK [110]
miR-93 4 Proliferation/ Angiogenesis Integrin-β8 [105]
miR-106b 4 Cell cycle/proliferation RBL2, p21 [112]
miR-155 4 Proliferation GABRA1 [103]
miR-210 4 NA NA -
miR-17-5p 3 DNA repair Pold 2 [40]
Proliferation TGFBRII, SMAD4, CDKN1A, PTEN, E2F1 [102]
Angiogenesis CTGF [104]
miR-106a 3 Proliferation/apoptosis E2F1 [52] †
miR-148a 3 NA NA -
miR-196b 3 Proliferation E2F1 [107]