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Case Report Open Access

Serious Complication after Laser Treatment of Ureterocele in an Infant

Stanislaw Warchol and Teresa Dudek
Int Arch Urol Complic Volume 3, Issue 2

Abstract: Endoscopic decompression has been recently suggested as the first line treatment of ureterocele in children, including laser transurethral incision. We report a case of a unique but very serious complication after simple ureterocele puncture using a holmium laser in an infant.

PDF   | Full Text  DOI: 10.23937/2469-5742/1510028

Research Article Open Access

Managing the Elderly with Urinary Incontinence and Dementia

Si Ching LIM
Int Arch Urol Complic Volume 3, Issue 2

Abstract: The elderly patients with dementia are often challenging to manage, especially if they have urinary incontinence. There are many causes for urinary incontinence and among the elderly with dementia, the problem is often not related to abnormalities of the lower urinary tract.

PDF   | Full Text  DOI: 10.23937/2469-5742/1510027

Research Article Open Access

Impact of Pneumoperitoneum on the Post-Operative Renal Function and Level of Acute Kidney Injury Markers: Comparison between Laparoscopic and Open Nephrectomy

Amjad Shalabi, Omri Nativ, Mustafa Sumri, Bishara Bishara, Wisam Khoury, Hoda Awad, Ofer Nativ and Zaid Abassi
Int Arch Urol Complic Volume 3, Issue 2

Abstract: As laparoscopic surgery becomes more widespread, understanding the adverse effects of pneumoperitoneum becomes more important, especially in patients subjected to laparoscopic unilateral nephrectomy. The purpose of the current study was to investigate the effect of pneumoperitoneum on the remnant kidney after laparoscopic nephrectomy compared to open surgery.

PDF   | Full Text  DOI: 10.23937/2469-5742/1510026

Volume 3
Issue 2