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 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2378-3656/1410369

Systemic Quinolones and Risk of Retinal Detachment II: Systematic Review of Clinical Trials

Mohamed Kadry Taher, Mohamed Habsah, Lise M Bjerre, Franco Momoli, Donald Mattison and Daniel Krewski

Article Type: Review Article | First Published: October 31, 2021

Quinolones represent a popular group of antibiotics that is favored by physicians due to their potency, broad-spectrum, unique mechanism of action, and reasonable safety. Concerns have been raised about a possible association between quinolones and retinal detachment (RD). Despite the emergence of resistance and availability of other treatment alternatives, quinolones remain a popular choice among physicians worldwide. This systematic review examined all original clinical trials in which a quino...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2378-3656/1410368

Laparoscopic Resection of a Gastric Lipoma: A Case Report

Mohammed Najih and Aziz Zentar

Article Type: Images | First Published: October 30, 2021

Lipomas are slow growing benign tumors that develop in fat tissues. Gastric lipomas account for only 5% of all gastrointestinal lipomas. Although they are usually asymptomatic and detected incidentally. We report a new case on a 54-year-old male patient admitted to our clinical complaints of a vague lump in the upper abdomen, regarding a feeling of fullness in the stomach and early satiety for 10 months, no pathological finding was made. The Gastrointestinal Endoscopy showed the existence of a m...

 Open Access DOI:10.23937/2378-3656/1410367

Rhabdomyolysis Associated Acute Kidney Injury Following a Physical Violence

Yalini Thivaharan and Indira Deepthi Gamage Kitulwatte

Article Type: Case Report | First Published: October 30, 2021

Physical violence can lead to serious and, rarely, fatal injuries. In addition to head injury, which is the leading cause of death and long-term disability, injuries of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs are important cause of assault-related morbidity. This paper discusses such rare complication of an interpersonal violence - rhabdomyolyis associated with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). A 37-year-old man who claims to be assaulted by a group of people, presented with focal contusions and...

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